Child-Focused Mediation

Family Mediation Somerset

Are your children missing out because their mum and dad disagree?

Sometimes disputes between parents prevent children seeing their mum or dad regularly. Sometimes unresolved arguments cause distress and hardship for children.

What Parents Say…

  • They both love their children and their children come first.
  • They want their children to continue to have a relationship with both their mum and their dad.
  • Their biggest worry is how the separation will effect their children and they want to reduce the impact of separation on them.

Avoid Flashpoints…

  • Try to be respectful to each other in front of the children.
  • Talk about issues in mediation – not at pick ups & drop offs.
  • Keep phone calls, emails & texts civil and business like.

What Children say…

  • “I need to know that my mum and my dad both love me”
  • “I need to know it’s not my fault”
  • “I need my parents to listen to me and understand how I feel”
  • “I don’t want to take sides”
  • “I need my parents to be honest with me”
  • “I need to feel safe, welcome & relaxed in both my homes”
  • “I need to know what’s happening and when”
  • “I need to see my friends and family”

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