Divorce, Separation, Property and Financial Mediation

Divorce is a legal and psychological process

Divorce & Separation Mediation

Separation and Divorce are about coping with change. It’s quite normal to find change scary and difficult to come to terms with. Both parties can experience intense feelings of sadness, despondency, loneliness and fear of loss. Often people feel like the divorce is taking over their life, making it difficult to concentrate and get organised.

In mediation we understand how you are feeling and help you to focus and move forward at a sensitive and practical pace.

Mediation Process for Children’s arrangements.

The Mediation Process – Divorce, Finance and Property

When dealing with financial and property matters in divorce we follow a fairly structured process.

Stage 1. What’s in your pot?

First, we work out what’s in your joint pot, by valuing all your individual and joint assets and liabilities. All assets and liabilities must be fully disclosed and documentation shared.

This is important because you need to know what’s in your pot, before you can start dividing the pot up.

We will draw up a schedule of your joint and individual assets and liabilities, with a figure that shows what your ‘pot’ is worth and give you both a copy.

Stage 2. Options and Choices

Next we discuss options to divide the ‘pot’ in ways that you both feel are fair and relevant to your needs. The mediator helps you to explore options and will give neutral information on the pros and cons of each option.

Stage 3. The Agreement

The mediators write down everything you have agreed. At this stage the agreement is not legally binding. The mediator will advise you to check the agreement over with your own solicitor. You can have your agreement made legally binding by the Court.

The Court needs to see that your agreement is fair and your decisions have been fully informed and are practically and financially workable.

We work to the same guidelines as the Court as directed by Section 25 of the Matrimonial Clauses act 1973.

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